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With so many NDIS providers in Sydney, choosing the best NDIS provider might be confusing. But with Better Life Care Services, you have the confidence that your loved ones are going to be well-taken care of. We are the NDIS service providers that you can trust.

Whatever your choice might be, we ensure that all the services we offer are up to par with the highest life care standards. With our experience, knowledge, adaptability, and wide array of service options, you are assured of the quality experience that you or your family can have.

Services Overview

We provide a wide range of care services to NDIS Participants including Core Supports, Capital Supports, and Capacity Building Supports. But aside from these, we also understand that the best NDIS care is one that’s specially tailored to the disabled individual’s specific care requirements.

We are passionate about delivering a customised experience for disabled people of any age. Our services are designed for NDIS Participants who prefer personalised care. Our services include:

Core Supports:

Core support services encompass a broad range of services needed to promote health, prevent illness and injury, provide treatment, care and support as needed. Core support services with Better Life Care Services include:

Assistance with Daily Life

Activities of daily living (ADLs) for the NDIS participants include personal care, grooming, walking around the house, cooking, eating, and others. Though these might sound like simple tasks, they could be extremely challenging for people with disability. For this, our health care professionals will be there to assist them in their ADLs.


Despite their disabilities, they still have off-site engagements that they must go to. Appointments like going to the doctor, walking in the neighbourhood, or participating in community activities are just some of these engagements. Our transport drivers will be there to give them a ride if they are unable to do so themselves.

Assistance with Social & Community Participation

NDIS participants have the right to participate in social and community activities despite their illnesses or physical drawbacks. Feeling included in community activities plays a big part in maintaining a positive disposition among them. We can help by aiding in getting our clients to safely to their destinations.

Capital Supports:

Our Capital support services are geared towards making sure that our clients live comfortably in their own homes. We especially put the needs of those who are suffering from injuries or disabilities at the top of our priorities.

Home Modifications and Specialised Disability

We have home modification services that aim to make living at home as comfortable as possible. This includes installing assistive devices like ramps, shower and bathtub modifications, kitchen modifications, property landscaping and maintenance, and other assistive technologies in their homes. These can also be installed in their vehicles.

Not everyone is eligible for home modification services though. To receive these, we must first assess whether a client absolutely needs it or not. Better Life Care is an NDIS service provider that will deliver cost-effective modification solutions for the beneficiaries of NDIS.

Capacity Building Supports:

NDIS Capacity Building Services are covered under this element of the NDIS Services. Aimed at enhancing one’s independence skills, our capacity-building support services are perfect for those who want to work towards independence in their daily living. This includes the services below:

Support Coordination

Coordination of supports connects your loved ones with informal, mainstream, and funded supports so they can get the most out of their NDIS plan. With Better Life Care, we make sure to redirect them to supportive services that can deliver their specific care needs.

Improved Daily Living Skills

All Therapies are covered under this element of the NDIS Services. With Better Life Care Services we cover a wide range of therapies including Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Behaviour Therapy, Psychology, Physiotherapy and Dietitian. Our team will be providing assessment, therapy and reporting in line with the Client’s needs. We are one of the NDIS providers in Sydney that considers your needs our priority which is why we offer as many services as we can.

Increased Social and Community Participation

We specialise in developing short-term or ongoing support to strengthen your loved ones’ ability to manage their life independently. We get information on the latest programs and group activities that they can join.

We help you set goals, whether that’s improving social skills or making new friends, we are with you and your loved one every step of the way. We are an NDIS service provider that makes sure your loved ones will spend their days productively.

Improved Health and Wellbeing

Personal training sessions and nutrition advice are all important aspects of our health. This is especially true for the disabled. This is why Better Life Care considers physical wellbeing activities, such as those previously mentioned, to be an essential service that must be provided to all NDIS participants under our care.

Work with Good NDIS service providers. Choose Better Life Care.

If you are looking for good NDIS services providers, look no further than Better Life Care Services. At Better Life Care Services, you get high quality care experience that will not let you down. From capital supports to capacity building supports, we have the team and the facilities that can support your care needs.

To learn more about our services, feel free to browse our website to read about our NDIS-related blogs. You may also get in touch with us. A Better Life Care personnel will be with you on the phone to provide clarifications on our services.

Work with Better Life Care Services today. You and your loved ones deserve only the best.

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